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An Important Message about COVID-19:

The health and safety of all of your children continues to be our first priority in the wake of the evolving situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19). We will be practicing what the medical community calls “Social Distancing.” This means avoiding large gatherings of people, especially for those who are immune compromised or particularly vulnerable. Doing so helps to “flatten the curve” of those who are experiencing illness and will allow our medical professionals to utilize their time and resources on those who truly need it. 

Riverside Children's Arts Center will be following Duval county schools, and canceling all classes and activities until further notice.  We will re-evaluate the situation on a weekly basis and keep you informed as the situation progresses.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via email. 

What do you think of when you hear the word ART?

The truth is, art is all around us!  It's in the design of a building, the taste of a meal, the clothing we wear and the shows on television. All of it is a form of artistic expression.


The Riverside Children's Arts Center or Jacksonville, Florida is dedicated to helping children learn more about the arts through fun, hands-on classes that interact with their senses and help them discover the artist within.

A ministry of Riverside Avenue Christian Church, the not-for-profit Arts Center, which began offering classes in October 2005, was created to fill a growing need in Jacksonville's Riverside/Avondale community. 


In developing the Arts Center, the Church held a series of focus groups with local parents, teachers, community leaders and businesses in Riverside and Avondale. The community identified a need for children’s after-school enrichment activities offered in a safe, supportive, nurturing environment. They desired quality children’s programs that provide the opportunity for relationships with positive adult role models and connections to and a sense of ownership in their local community. 


The community’s primary focus was activities which would supplement the services offered during the school day – such as the arts or sports – rather than programs which focus on tutoring academic skills.

What is Riverside Children's Arts Center?

The Riverside Children's Arts Center is a place where your child can attend classes, workshops, and camps throughout the year that focus on the arts.  Visual art, performance art, culinary art...anything art.  RCAC is not a daycare; we have a behavioral contract that is enforced to ensure that your child can learn and grow in a safe environment free from distraction and bullying.   

The Riverside Children's Arts Center

2841 Riverside Avenue | Jacksonville, FL 32205

904.389.1751  |  www.riversidechildrensartscenter.org

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