Advanced Acting workshop

Our acting classes use games and activities designed to inspire children as they explore their own creativity. We're proud to have created an environment where young actors are able to develop their talents, build confidence, develop self-esteem, and create fun characters.

Advanced Acting Workshop will focus on mastering the stage! Students will work on comedic timing, character development, and utilizing the space to their advantage. Students will perform the short play, Belle and that Beast Guy, by Jacob Dorn. Basic reading and comprehension skills are required. Prior acting experience is highly recommended, but not required.


This is an 8 week class that meets on Monday nights from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. It is recommended for ages 6-12.  The cost is $105. 

Reading and comprehension skills are required in order to successfully participate in this class. 

Class will meet: March 15, 22, April 5, 12, 19, 26, May 3, 10. 


Cast of Characters


One of Beast’s servants and a narrator; a clock ahead of its time. (21 Lines)


Another of Beast's servants; also a narrator; a candle. (21 lines)

BEAST: A prince cursed by Old Woman for not doing his homework. (41 Lines)

OLD WOMAN: Witch who curses Beast; pretends to be a feather duster (Dusty Featherbottom) to spy on Beast. (13 lines)

BELLE: Kind girl and avid reader. (51 Lines)

MAMA (or PAPA): Belle's parent; loves sweet treats from Dairy Queen. (9 lines)

GASTOFF: Plans to marry Belle. (30 lines)

SNIVELSBY: Gastoff's sniveling, dimwitted friend. (15 Lines)

GOOFUS: Gastoff's goofy, dimwitted friend. (9 Lines)

JOHN (or JANE) B. FLUSHING: Another of Beast's servants; a toilet. (8 Lines)

TIPSY SHORTENSTOUT: Another servant; a teapot. (6 Lines)

CHIP: Another servant; a teacup. (6 Lines)

"That Beast Guy” was once a handsome prince — before being cursed by an old woman for being such a poor student!  The hairy dude and his servants, now collaterally cursed as common household items, become cut off from the world.  That is, until Belle, fleeing the advances of pompous Gastoff and in search of a Dairy Queen, finds a castle and a Beast in need!

As Gastoff and his sniveling pals set out after Belle, Beast warms to the kindhearted Belle, who teaches him to read and write.  When vainglorious Gastoff arrives, he finds that Belle is no captive of Beast, but rather captivated by his newfound literacy! 

Space in this class is limited. Enrollment includes a copy of the show script. Each student will receive one copy of the script, additional copies must be purchased. 


About the Instructor

George Hawkins

George graduated with a degree in theatre acting from Florida School of The Arts. He has worked with the Jewish Community Alliance of Jacksonville as an acting instructor, and children's theatre performer, and as an acting coach for students of Bishop Snyder High School. George also lends his talents to many theatre and film projects. In George's classes, your children will learn to use their voice, movement, and expressions to create fun characters, and build confidence, poise, and self-esteem. More >>