Colored Theatre Lights


This class introduces students to the fundamentals of theatre; providing everything any aspiring stage technician needs to know to get started in backstage work.  Students will learn all about the stage and the theatre, how to control the lighting and sound board, and elements of set construction, costuming, makeup and props. Students will construct the set for our fall production, "A Christmas Carol", and work as crew during the show. Tuition includes 2 free tickets to the fall play so you can see your student's work. This class is for students ages 13 - 17. 

Before you enroll...

This class is for kids ages 13 - 17 with excellent ability to follow directions. Elements of this class may involve bending, carrying, climbing, lifting, pushing, pulling, reaching, sitting, standing, and walking. This class requires long periods of sitting silently, paying close attention to what is happening on the stage so as to not miss a cue. During the class, kids will be exposed to tools, including power tools, sharp objects, and lights that can reach nearly 200 degrees F. 

This class is not for children who are afraid of the dark, small spaces, or loud noises. 

Dress Code

  • Close-fitting long pants are highly recommended. 

  • Close-toed and hard-soled shoes. No sandals, flip-flops, or Crocs.

  • Wear clothing that you are okay with getting dirty or permanently stained with paint or other substances. 

  • No clothing or jewelry that is flowing or has loose straps or cords (tuck these away).

  • Long hair should be tied back or kept under a hat, so it does not get caught in tools.


Protective safety wear will be provided and must be used when appropriate: Hard hats, eye goggles, earplugs or muffs, dust masks, face shields, aprons, and gloves.

On the dress rehearsals and performances days: Head to toe black with no logos or reflective properties.