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The Riverside Children's Arts Center Team

At Riverside Children's Arts Center, we're passionate about nurturing the dreams of future artists. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of creative minds by offering unique educational experiences led by talented teaching artists.

These teaching artists are practicing, professional artists who juggle dual careers as educators across a variety of artistic fields—music, dance, theater, visual arts, and writing. Their passion and expertise provide invaluable learning opportunities for our students, ensuring that creativity and inspiration never wane.


Aimee Ortiz Low


Aimee Ortiz is a remarkable artist with a diverse background. Aimee has an English language degree, and is an acclaimed writer, and a talented film director. During her college years, she showcased her stand-up comedy skills at various venues across California, including the world-famous Comedy Store on Sunset Strip in Hollywood.


Aimee also fronted a rock band that enjoyed airtime on MTV2, Lifetime Network, and college radio stations all over the country. She's been involved in numerous mixed media art projects and contributed her unique abilities to many commercial, film, and theater productions.

George Hawkins

Teaching Artist

George Hawkins is a talented agency-represented actor and an alumnus of Florida School of The Arts. With extensive experience in the field of commercial, film, and theatre acting, George has worked with the Jewish Community Alliance of Jacksonville as an acting instructor and children's theatre performer, and shared his expertise as an acting coach for students at Bishop Snyder High School.

In George's classes, children will learn to use their voice, movement, and expressions to bring fun characters to life while building confidence, poise, and self-esteem.

Kate McManus

Teaching Artist

Kate McManus is a passionate and versatile instructor with a comprehensive background in creative arts. She holds dual degrees in Theatre and Media Production from FSU and has six years of experience working as an Art Department production assistant and coordinator in Los Angeles. Kate taught drama to middle and high school students for three years in the Duval County Public School system. She continues to nurture her passion for the arts by serving as a teaching artist here at RCAC, and at ArtLife Studios, inspiring children through her work.


Arvid Smith

Teaching Artist

Arvid Smith has been captivating audiences for over four decades, gracing venues and stages worldwide. His performances range from Bluegrass festivals to the sacred chants of Kirtan and everything in between. 

"Arvid Smith, a rock & roller at heart, showcases his energetic chord delivery, impressive lead guitar lines, and intricate fingerpicking. Not only does he perform in multiple bands across Jacksonville and the United States but also as far as France. Witnessing his captivating solo performances is a true delight, as he commands the stage with ease." - EU Jacksonville

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